The Central Nervous System In The Human Body

The central nervous system is crucial to human function; it consists of the brain, spinal cord and a network of nerves moving to the rest of our body. It controls everything in the body e.g. emotions, senses, responses, reactions, body balance like temperature and heartbeat as well as movement of our muscles and glands.
The CNS (Central nervous system) covers the brain and spinal cord where the PNS (Peripheral nervous system) is made up of the nerve fibre’s that branch off from the spinal cord and extend to all parts of the body, including the neck and arms, torso, legs, skeletal muscles and internal organs.

The brain is the control centre of the nervous system, it co-ordinates the body function.
The spinal cord is a conduit for signalling
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A receptor is a group of specialised cells that detect a stimulus. Resulting in this a nerve impulse may be generated; there is a range of receptor cells adapted to detecting individual stimuli, e.g. rods and cones in the eye. In some cases receptors are distributed all over the body, such as touch receptors in the skin. Sometimes, particular receptors are concentrated in an organ, such as the eye, or an endocrine gland such as the adrenal gland. These stimuli’s are sent to the nervous system by neurons.A neuron is a nerve cell that conducts; all the parts of our nervous system are made up of cells called neurons. All neurons have 3 parts: dendrites, a cell body and an …show more content…
A reflex is an action performed by the body without thinking to prevent harm. Components of the reflex arc are the receptor, sensory neurons, interneurons, motor neurons and effectors. The body can respond to danger before the message is sent to the brain because the motor neurons conduct action potentials that will generate a reflex response, and the interneurons at the same time transmit the secondary information to the brain. When the brain is aware that something has occurred, the motor neurons have already triggered a response to it

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