Essay on Functions, Concepts, and Principles of Assessment

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TAQA Assignment T2

1. What are the functions, concepts and principles of assessment in learning and development? (1.1, 1.2)

The functions of assessing a student are to ensure that learning and development has taken place against a certain criteria. It allows the assessor to measure and prove the competence , knowledge, understanding and skills that will enable the student to achieve a qualification. This is carried out by using different assessment techniques such as observation, projects, and assignments. Assessment is also used to develop and strengthen the students learning .The final function is to ensure that the student gains a qualification. Concepts and principles of assessing are closely related as the principles are
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* Giving children the right to take part in decisions that are made about their lives. * Protecting children from harm The green paper Every Child Matters was conducted by Lord Laming in 2003 after the death of Victoria Climbie which had shown the failures between agencies to communicate information which may have saved the life of Victoria. There are 5 outcomes that should be taken into account when working with children and young people :- * Be healthy * Stay safe * Enjoy and achieve * Make appositive contribution * Achieve economic well being
The Children Act 2004 provided the legal structure for this paper and it is these principles that are followed within the structure of Childcare. In 2008 The Early Years Foundation Stage(EYFS) Curriculum was produced which has been revised this year . There were goals for children to meet and these have now been reduced from 69 to 17. A new 2 year progress check has been introduced with a written report. Safeguarding and Welfare requirements are also included in the EYFS. As well as the above legislation a childcare setting also has its own Policies and Procedures to follow. They must be available for all to view. Following is a list that would be implemented:- * Admissions Policy * Parents as Partners Policy * Behaviour Management * Food Nutrition and Healthy Eating * Rest and

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