Function Of The Pancreas Roles, And Mal-Functions

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Pancreas Functions and Mal-Functions

The Pancreas is a very essential gland within the human body. The pancreas has both endocrine functions as well as exocrine functions. Commonly referenced as a dual function gland. The pancreas is a rather large, solid gland that is roughly 10 inches long. It is located behind the stomach in the abdominal cavity. The shape of the pancreas is described as tadpole like. This essay will describe the functions of the pancreas along with the problems caused if the pancreas should start to mal-function. What exactly does the pancreas do for the human body? By design “the pancreas is attached to the small intestine into which the stomach empties food and liquid, already partially digested. It is to this partially
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The secretion of insulin starts when food is eating that consist of carbohydrates, proteins and fat where digestion is not possible without enzymes produced by the pancreas. While eating the body gets sugar and the pancreas detects if it is too little or too much. The pancreas keeps this in check by producing insulin when needed. Food continues to travel and the enzymes produced by the pancreas ensure the food is suitable for digestion. Amazingly the enzymes are not active until they pass into the bowel. If it were activated any sooner it would digest the pancreas. The functions described are very important to the overall function of the body. “The pancreas make a number of different enzymes to break down bile. The main enzymes are called amylase, they break down carbohydrates. Trypsin which digest protein and lipase which digest fat. Very important for the bile coming from the liver is also very important for the digestion of fact because it acts like soap being dropped into grease. It breaks the fat up into little dropplets so the lipase enzymes can digest it.” …show more content…
The pancreas is such an integral part of the digestive system, and the flow of the digestive system is often changed during the surgical treatment of pancreatic cancer. These changes are not always for the best. Consequently people need to research surgical treatments prior to going under the knife. The ideal goal is to keep the pancreas working well and at the first hint of a problem speak with a doctor. People should also accept they will have to make lifestyle changes. “There are two major problems caused by a non-working pancreas. The first is poor food absorption which may cause weight loss, diarrhea and intolerable bowel movements. The second would be low insulin production which is Diabetes. Diabetes can affect a person’s entire body. Extreme cases it causes bad blood circulation, blindness and loss of limbs. Cancer is also a factor in the pancreas that can throw the entire body off. The pancreas is directly related to the liver function. This leads to more intestinal

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