Fugro Lacs Case Study

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Fugro LADS Corporation shall as far as is reasonably practicable eliminate or control hazards in the workplace, in accordance with the hierarchy of control. PPE shall only be implemented as a control measure:
■ Where it is not reasonably practicable to eliminate or minimise risks through other control measures; or
■ In conjunction with the implementation of other control measures.

5.1 Managing Director
The Managing Director is accountable for implementing this procedure within Fugro LADS Corporation.
5.2 Managers
FLC Managers (Department Heads, Contract Managers, Project Managers, Party Chiefs, Site Managers, etc.) are responsible for ensuring that this PPE procedure is implemented within their work areas
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An employee who does not wear or use PPE, or intentionally misuses or damages it, may also face prosecution.
5.5 Others (i.e. contractors/visitors)
A person other than an employee must wear the personal protective equipment at the workplace in accordance with any information, training or reasonable instruction provided by Fugro LADS Corporation.
6.1 Risk Assessment
The requirement to wear or use PPE shall be determined by risk assessment in accordance with FLC’s Risk Management Procedure (FLC-IMS-PR-001). The Hierarchy of Risk Control Measures must be followed to manage risks to ALARP . Completely eliminating the risk at the source is always the preference to risk reduction.
Personal protective equipment (PPE) is one of the least effective ways of controlling risks to health and safety and should only be used:
■ When there are no other practical control measures available (as a last resort)
■ As an interim measure until a more effective way of controlling the risk can be used, or
■ To supplement higher level control measures (as a back-up).

This is emphasised in that the use of PPE can cause additional problems. It should be noted
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6.5 Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
All personnel will comply with the PPE requirements for the site where they are working. Appendix A shows what PPE should be worn for a specific task/area, and the corresponding Australian Standard. For deployment activities, project and client specific requirements will be stipulated in the relevant Deployment Instruction. A (Material) Safety Data Sheet ((M) SDS) or Task Risk Assessment (FNV-HSSE-F&T-05) may indicate that certain PPE is mandatory. The responsible Manager/Party Chief should set an example and enforce PPE requirements.
Work activities / operations that require the use of PPE must be properly planned, organised, controlled and appropriately supervised. The risk assessment shall be reviewed if there is a significant change to the work activity, operation and/or if there is any reason to suspect that the risk assessment is no longer

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