Front Street Hospital Case Study Essay

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Front Street Hospital Case Study
Domonique Chapman
Professor Ed Schaffer
August 09, 2014

Serving the Uninsured According to Kaiser Family Foundation (2013), more than 47 million Americans were uninsured in 2012. These gaps in health insurance undoubtedly increase healthcare costs, discourage the use of preventative care, and negatively impact the lives and health of the American people. One way to combat this issue is for hospitals and providers to offer charity care to those who qualify and are in need. Non-profit hospitals are organized to serve a charitable purpose to meet the needs of the community and serve indigent patients that would otherwise go without care due to lack of insurance. In return, these
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4. Required to conduct assessments on the health needs of the community they serve and implement a strategy to meet those needs. One thing that I would focus on due to my experience is closely monitoring how well hospitals implement their financial assistance policies. A few years ago I was denied assistance for an emergency room visit and without being given any explanation as to

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