Essay on Frivolous Lawsuits

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Justice, Tranquility and The Greed for Money

Lynn Hubbard is handicapped. She happens to also have her own law firm. In the past year, she sued more than 600 nearly irreproachable institutions for over two million dollars. Hubbard and her entourage of scheming lawyers have not done anything illegal. Some may argue that she has simply exercised her right to the legal system. In any case, Hubbard is part of the growing American society that has discovered large money in mass litigation. This rise in greedy and manipulative lawyers has provided Americans with a skewed financial interest in the American courtroom and has hindered the justice system as a whole. Congress must reexamine tort reform to provide Americans with a
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"Everything is in my wife's name. I can't even participate in the American dream of owning a home, because it would be fair game for a trial lawyer," (Adamson 18). Bush and his administration have focused on this problem and have proposed a cap on so called "pain and suffering" for $250,000. Pain and suffering is referred to as non-economical damages that will not hinder a person's capability to earn an income. Take Forest Bounds, for instance. The three-year-old had a rare condition that would make it difficult for him to urinate. During surgery in an effort to correct the problem, something went wrong and Forest will have to urinate through a hole created by his doctors. He will most likely be sexually impaired for the rest of his life. Despite his disability, Forest will function normally in all other human aspects. His parents have asked the courts for nearly over $750,000 dollars in compensation for pain and suffering. If Congress passes legislation proposed by President Bush, insurance companies will be protected from paying such high reimbursement rates, in effect lowering premiums for doctors and hospitals. However, this issue becomes much more complex when viewing this tort reform as placing a price on life. In the recent unfortunate death of 17-yaer-old Jesica Santillian, doctors inserted the wrong blood type for her heart transplant,

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