Friendship Quotes From Old Friendships Essay

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Do you feel like friendships are overrated? Would you rather just spend your time alone or with your family? I am one of those people who prefers to be alone and spend time doing my own things, but that doesn 't mean I don 't value my friendships! I understand exactly how important friendships are in life, and I don 't take them for granted because I can clearly see their value.

If you can 't see the real value in them, following are some friendship quotes that should help you realize just how important friendships are in your life. These friendship quotes may motivate you to strengthen the ones you have. They may motivate you to rekindle old friendships. Or they may motivate you to go out and form new friendships. No matter what they do, you will leave this article on friendship quotes with a new respect for the friends in your life.

1. Friendship Make You Stronger And Braver In Life

"They make me stronger; they make me braver." - Jane Fonda

Just knowing that you have people who love you and that you can turn to is enough to make you stronger, but being able to call them, talk to them, and work things out with them also helps you feel stronger and braver in the world where most of the people you don 't actually know. For example, going on a blind date is not easy! You are heading into something unknown, and doing it alone can be scary. But, your friends can help encourage you to do it and assure you that if things go wrong, they will be there for you! In short, they…

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