Friendship Essay : Friendship Synthesis Essay

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Friendship synthesis essay
“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”(Keller). Frienship is associated with the fundamental human need to be social. Although friendship transcends social class, it is important to know that different friendships form in in different societal contexts. This obviously means that there are many different perception of friendship and it roles. Although the essay generalizes the term friendship it is imperative to understand that different circumstances facilitated different friendships.For purposes of remaining topical this essay is confined to the concept of ideal friendships as opposed to any other.. The nature of friendship is that it fill specific niches and is indulged in for several types of benefits within any society. These types of benefits include facilitating information transfer, emotional and physical gains, and cognitive gains.

Friendships create the ideal environments to transfer information and belief. As a result of direct contact between people that share different viewpoints, interesting discussions or debates occurs. The reason friends are able to have debate without staying upset is that they have something in common, despite of their differences.This can be observed in Eli Cohen’s The Quarrel, where Chaim Kevlar, a non-traditional Jew, has embraced American life, and Hersh Rasseyner, a more traditional Jew with a concrete faith, engage in a debate on the nature of Judaism.The sensitivity of…

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