Aristotle's Arguments Of Friendship

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Aristotle-Nicomachean Ethics VIII-IX ‘Friendship’
In this paper, I will consider Aristotle arguments of friendship as presented in the Nicomachean Ethics VIII-IX. I will analyze and discuss the Aristotle prescription of what friendship is, its role in the life of every individual and the society as whole, as well as what people are supposed to focus for them to have a beneficial win-win relationship.
According to Aristotle & Roger (142), Friendship is the existence of goodwill between two people. Friendships exist in three forms that can be classified according to the basis of the relationship. These major types of friendship are utility friendship, pleasure-based friendship, and finally friendship based on the goodness. In utility based friendship,
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Friends are the greatest external precious goods. For a man to be of service to others, he should seek a friend to maintain them too. Blessed men do not need men just for the sake of pleasure and mere usefulness, but for the sake of happiness of them all. The number of friends that one should have depends on the three type of friendship. It is cumbersome and laborious to have too many friends based on usefulness criteria. With the virtues type, an upper limit to the number of friends is evident since not any number of friends one can live nobly with and become …show more content…
Friendship is a necessity to good life. Even if a man has all the material things that one can aspire to have, he can never lead a happy life without a companion. Friendship is not a just a mere superficial thing, but deeply-rooted pleasantry. Even though Aristotle discusses the pleasure and usefulness friends, he totally disregards them as real friends, which is very real. A real friend is one who is virtuous and who always wishes good to his buddies. True friends should help others to grow virtually by correcting each other, encouraging each other and setting a good example to others. Hence in all of the life aspects, friendship is a perfect choice, and can be considered to be a necessity of human

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