Friends with Benefits Essay

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Friends with benefits and couples
In today´s society it´s very common to hear about friends with benefits among teenagers and even adults. If you are not familiar with this term I should clarify. It consists of two friends who agree to have a physical relationship but not officially date. The important point here is to have the willingness to experiment with your sexuality whenever and with whomever you want. This common practice makes me think about what happened with old-fashion dating. Are couples out of fashion? Is hooking up the best option nowadays? How can we decide between these options? One way to decide between having a friend with benefits and having a formal couple is to compare its differences and similarities.
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If we analyze a little bit deeper it´s possible to say that being couples suppose certain level of friendship. It implies being partners. However couples try to remain being friends although they broke up. Nevertheless this don´t usually happens to friends with benefits.
In spite of these differences, there are some things in common between friends with benefits and

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