Friend Is A Person With Someone With Whom You Share Your Life

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Friends are those people with whom you share your life. Despite the fears one has about sharing every bit of their life, from their deepest secrets to their greatest joy, and their greatest hopelessness, a friend is someone with whom one shares everything. “Friend” means different things to different people; it is something that has to be experienced to be understood. The definition of friend has especially changed in recent years, due to social media sites, such as Facebook; people are making “friends” that they have never had face to face contact with, compared to the traditional definition of friends exemplified by the Holy Bible’s descriptions of friendship, which focuses on love, loyalty, willingness to sacrifice, and an ability to confide in that person. The term friend has been used in the English Language since the late fourteenth century (Friend 2016). According to the Oxford dictionary, the definition of friend is a person who one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection (Oxford). Mutual affection refers to sympathy from one person to another, meaning whatever affects one affects the other. The word “friend” is taken from the German term “freegan.” which means “to love” and “to favor” (Oxford). Love is a feeling of strong affection. There are teachings in the Holy Bible that coincides with the traditional definition of “friend”, certain characteristics from the traditional definition are absent in the “friend definition created on…

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