Frida Kahlo Of The 20th Century Essay

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One of the most influential, and recognized artist of the 20th century is Frida Kahlo. She displays her identity as a woman artist, a Mexican artist, and a politically involved artist in most of her art pieces. One constant theme, in Frida’s artworks is the theme of pain. Throughout her life, she was in constant pain, whether it be from after effects of the accident she had as a young adult, or emotional pain caused by her husband, Diego Rivera. The constant pain that she felt was evident in many of her works. Many of which she created after experiencing a painful event or while recovering from one. Pain and anguish, through her artworks, have become parallel to Frida Frida’s identity. Not only does the theme of pain correlate with Frida’s identity, but also her view of gender, her view as Mexican artist, and her political views. Frida was extremely vocal of her thoughts, and thus displayed them in her paintings. Some of her most famous works include A Few Small Nips, Self-Potrait with Cropped Hair, and Tree of Hope, Keep Firm. All three of the previously stated works easily identify with the pain Frida constantly felt. While all three share the same identifying trait, they also have another identifying trait that also correlates to Frida Kahlo’s signature style, and identity as an artist.
A Few Small Nips (Unos Cuantos Piquetitos), is oil on metal and is found in the Museo Dolores Olmedo Patiño, in Mexico City. The painting itself depicts a woman who has been…

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