Freud 's Influence On Women Into The Psychoanalytic Stance Essay

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Freud also welcomed/influenced women into the psychoanalytic stance. Melanie Klien was one of the first to put emphasis on the pre-Oedipal stages (Ethan R. Plaut, 2001). Her and her partner, D. W. Winnicott, created an object–relations school to solve what they believed to be the central problem in life: finding a balance between independence and dependence on others. The way people reacted to this separation and loss is mostly determined by the first two years of our lives. A baby requires it’s mother’s recognition during this time and if the baby does not achieve that, his/her personality will be twisted into a “false sense,” according to Winnicott (Carole Wade & Carol Tavris, 2012). The “true self” remains underdeveloped. The infant’s attachment is only to the mental perception of the mother and not to the real person. This mental perception influences the child throughout their life. In this theory, children identify first with the mother.
Freud’s ideas also galvanized the foundation of others. Without Freud, could Carl Jung have ever quarreled with Freud regarding the nature of the unconscious? Their tiff caused Jung to separate from his close friend and establish the Jungian Theory (which has now become associated with the New Age movement). Jung believed in the collective unconscious of all human beings, whereas Freud did not. He thought this unconscious shared universal memories, symbols, etc… which he termed archetypes (Carole Wade & Carol Tavris, 2012). An…

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