French, Spanish, and English Colonization Essay

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In 1542, Francis sent Giovanni da Verrazano to explore the region between Florida and Newfoundland. They named the land Francesca and Nova Gallia to the land between New Spain and English Newfoundland. In 1534, Francis sent out another man with a voyage to explore the coast of these lands. They tried to establish many colonies through North America, but failed, due to weather, disease and warfare between them and European powers.

Spanish colonization of the Americas was the exploration, conquest, settlement, and political rule over pretty much all of the western hemisphere, Spanish conquistadors relied heavily on auxiliaries, for their needs of wealth and trade from the Indians. The cultures of the Indians who lived in America changed violently when the Spanish colonized their land. The Spanish stuck close to their religion, while the Indians had their own, which caused many conflicts. It finally blew over and the Indians adapted to Catholicism, though some still practiced, and were caught and faced consequences. The Spanish might have not been the most important part of the colonization’s in America, but they sure had a lot of impact on the religion and language.

The French, Spanish, and English had many advances and drawbacks during this period. While the French had great Military like the English, the Spanish conquered the Indian land with their religion and language, they adapted with the indigenous people of America, unlike the French and English
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