French Prison Movie: A Prophet, Directed By Jacques Audiard

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I have chosen to watch the film A Prophet and write a reaction paper about it. It is a French prison drama and crime movie directed by Jacques Audiard in 2009 and released in 2010. He wrote the script with the help of Nicolas Peufaillit, Thomas Bidegain, and Abdel Raouf Dafri. The main character in the film is Malik (Tahar Rahim), who went to prison because of a single petty crime and later becomes a drug trafficker and an assassin. The film compliments what I have learned about 20th-century European history in class, and it reminds me of a news article Suspected Boss of Corsican Mob Reported Dead that I have read recently from Some aspects of the film relate to the social problems in the world today. Malik is a French teenager …show more content…
Most French young men and women who went to prison at that time ended up joining criminal prison gangs and committing serious crimes. For example, in the movie A Prophet, Malik killed Reyeb, but he never served a sentence for that offense. An individual could leave jail being worse than he or she went in. For example, Malik went to the detention center as a young boy who never knew anything about gangs but left this center as an assassin and a gang leader. Prison assassinations were common in most jails where one criminal mob would murder the leader or members of a rival gang. Drug trafficking was and still is a problem for the French government; for example, the Corsican mafia still traffics heroin.
The most important message in the film A Prophet is that even members of a minority in any European country can be the main characters in movies. For example, Audiard directed a film about the Arabs in France. This video complements what I have learned in class about the activities of criminal gangs in Europe since the
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It supports what I have learned in class about Europe in the 21st century. Lastly, my reaction is that the director and all the other people who participated in making the film succeeded in making an entertaining film that highlighted the challenges of going to prison as a young man or woman. On the other hand, Audiard failed to stretch out the prophetic theme of the movie; he focused on the criminal activities of gangs in and out of

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