Essay about Freedom Of Speech : The Constitution Of The United States

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"Freedom of speech is like any machine, if you don 't take care of it, it can soon become worthless and antiquated."
Freedom of Speech in the constitution of the United States has been since its inception a vast and complex subject. In spite of the schemes presented by the founders in the constitution, and Bill of Rights it was always considered that such freedom could be expressed in different ways, and that certainly would have an impact in the future.
As a result , new disputes, specific acts of government , and the people; have fostered a controversy about freedom of expression. Despite the fact of such controversies ,this freedom has continued to evolve as the government has tried in one way or another to retain the bases that created rights since the beginning of our nation, and today more than ever are the foundation of our society.
Considering this,it was a fact that maintaining a balance between the Federal Government, and freedom of expression would be a point that would cause conflict. Alexander Haminton, delegate from New York to the Continental Congress cited in the Federalist Papers : "We Have Already Sufficient Indications that it will happen in this as in all former cases of great national discussion." Hamilton Strongly supported a strong Federal Government ; "It 's not tyranny we desire; it 's a just, limited, federal government." He was convinced ,that people who resisted this strong Federal Government ,would take away the power of the rulers who wanted…

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