Freedom Of Action Vs Free Will Essay

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Free Will
An agent is free to choose whether to do or not to do something with nothing or no one preventing them of doing so (Thomas Hobbes & David Hume).
Freedom of Will VS. Freedom of Action:
Freedom of will allows an agent to choose. Freedom of action allows you to act freely.
It's depends on the individual to decide if we need to have both or only one of these elements to be considered as having free will.
However, freedom of action couldn't exist without freedom of will.
Moral Responsibility
An agent is not morally responsible if he or she didn't act upon his or her free will.
John Martin Fischer disagreed and believed that a human agent doesn't have free will but he or she should still be hold accountable for his or her action.
Accounts of Will
Aquinas- The intelligence gives an agent the free will.
Harry Frankfurt- An agent has free will if she or he is able to have the will an agent wants to have.
The past and the
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I've learned new things that I never think about before. I've learned about the two types of free will: freedom of will and freedom of action. I've also learned that an agent might not need both types to have free will. As a result, I find the definition of free will to be vague. On the bottom line, It is up to an individual to decide how much freedom an agent needs to possess to be considered as having free will. Also, it is said that free will is required for moral responsibility. Most philosophers deem that if an agent is forced to act against his or her free will, then an agent should not be held accountable for it. I feel somewhat conflicted about this statement. Regardless of the situation, an agent did use his or her freedom of action. Therefore, it is only right for an agent to commit to his or her action and face the consequences. I believe that we should focus on how much does an agent's action should be held accountable, instead of entirely disregard

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