Freedom And Control In The Handmaid's Tale

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The Handmaid’s Tale is based in a futuristic world and it contains a strictly enforced control. This system is called The Republic of Gilead. All must follow the rules set in Gilead and not dare to overstep them. The laws are due to the decreasing number of fertile women and based on biblical teachings. Women's roles in this novel are significant; however, their freedom and rights are viewed inferior towards men.
In this novel, Handmaids are controlled in every aspect of their life. Handmaids could almost be considered cooperative hostages. The system has different roles for women, depending on their fertility in the reproduction field. The main role is a Handmaid, who are the fertile women given to Commanders. Commanders are the men of the household. The Commanders have wives; however, Handmaids are created to complete the Christian view on the women’s role in life. The main Handmaid Atwood focuses on belongs to a Commander named Fred; therefore, her name is Offred. Sophie Croisy discusses a handmaid’s role in her article “Gender in The Handmaid’s Tale.” She says, “In the Center, and in Gilead, Handmaids-to-be learn that they cannot own anything anymore, not even an identity; they cannot read or write; they cannot want and are not allowed to complain” (Croisy). These ordinary
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In the Handmaid’s tale, Handmaids are manipulated and based on the beliefs of this Republic. “According to the Law, men and women have traditional heterosexual roles that cannot be jeopardized, so much so that nonnormative gender behaviors are eradicated”(Croisy). Women are taught that men are superior, and never are wrong. They are shown, they are unworthy in this system besides for the ceremony. Women have always struggled to be considered equal to men from the beginning of the colonial time until this futuristic time. It is believed it will always be an issue for the underappreciated women of our

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