Free Will In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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Free Will…..No Such Thing

What does a collective society mean, how dow does it work? The purpose of this is to give insight to those who know nothing about a collective society. The society in the novel Anthem is a brutal one, that requires everyone to think less of themselves in order for the group to better survive and thrive.

Collectivism is a social outlook on society, that says that the interests of the group should be put above everything else. In a collective society people cannot choose what they want for themselves,they have to be chosen for. What is chosen for this individual will be for the good of the group. “Dare not choose in your minds that work you would like to do when you leave the Home of the students. You shall do that which the Council of Vacations shall prescribe of you” (Rand 22). In the story Anthem the author talks about a collective society that the main character lives in. In this society jobs are chosen for the people, these are chosen based off what the council thinks will be help the group and not your personal feelings. Nothing is different in a collective society.

In the equation of collective society every variable is the same. In a dystopian society everyone must be the same. Everyone must be alike in every way.
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In Anthem the government controls everything on down to the person who you can have intercorse with. “And each of the men have one woman assigned to them by the Council of Eugenics.Children are born each winter, but women never get to see their children and children never get to see their parents” (Rand 41). The council controls everything , and breaks up families , and they scar children for life because we have he or she has never seen their parents. Women are forced to have intercose with foreign men. This proves how bad collective society is. They control, rip apart,and make everyone equal while the government is quite powerful at the

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