Free Will And The Free Choice Of The Will Essay

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“Free will, without which no one can live rightly, is a good and divine gift.” (Augustine 65). In the book, On the Free Choice of the Will, Augustine argues that humanity’s will, which is given by God, is indeed free. As the book proclaims, free will is something that has the ability to produce righteousness and happiness; it is a gift that produces peace and prosperity. Yet, at the same time, there is the possibility of the will to be fixed on the all too enticing temptations of this world. Throughout his explanation of the warring sides of the free will, Augustine artfully discusses how the world we live in, our sinful nature, and the faithful and just qualities of God interacts with the decisions that we make. His ultimate point is to distinctly relay the idea that sin is the direct result of one’s choices and not through God’s interaction with humanity, as seen through the characteristics of free will, God as the creator of all things good, and the ability of our loves to become reordered.
Ultimately, the decisions that we make are entirely based upon the way in which we direct our sight. Augustine first outlines the fact that God is the creator of all good, because he is the ultimate good. Some people have objected that God is in fact the one that causes the people to sin. But “if all good things come from God”, and the “movement [of] turning away from the Lord God is undoubtedly sin, surely we cannot say that God is the cause of sin.” (Augustine 64 & 69). In…

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