Essay on Free Time At A Shopping Center

1111 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 5 Pages
A secret to the consumers In America today they’re many people who enjoying spending their free time at a shopping center. They tend to go buy products that they might need at home such as food, clothing, etc. but they also might just want to go buy the latest shoes or electronics. Many of the customers don’t realize that they are being watched by surveillance cameras and the people whom work at the store as well. There is a reason why many retails have cameras in there store and reason being for that is so the “retail anthropologists,” can analyze the shopping behaviors of the customers and also help retailers to get their customers to make a purchase. There are many people who might believe that the retail stores are manipulative and unethical because they are being watched on every move they are making from the moment they step into the store until the moment that they are leaving the store. However, surveillance of consumers can help discover the behaviors of the customer while they shop to be able to improve their business, also helps targeting the consumers who come into the store and does more of the shopping, lastly it also helps increase sales and getting the customers to come back. There are certain behaviors in which people do not notice they do. Human beings tend to stick to our habits and norms. People tend to walk the same way they drive; Gladwell explained that “human beings walk the way they drive, which is to say that Americans tend to keep to the…

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