Essay about Free, Home Of The Brave

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“Land of the Free, home of the brave.” These words ring freedom, pride, and glory in the ears of millions of Americans. Anyone living in the South has witnessed this pride through t-shirts, flags, tattoos, and the National Anthem at every sporting event. Many Southerners take pride in their freedom and feel that sometimes government involvement infringes on their freedoms. The government supplies its citizens with countless amenities, but sometimes this aid comes with strings attached. People who seek government aid might be told where to live, what healthcare they can receive, and the type of education they can receive. If churches involved themselves the way God designed for them to, this overbearing involvement that people complain about would not be necessary. God designed the Church and His people to love and care for their neighbors, as seen in Matthew 22 and through out the Bible. If Christians took that commandment seriously, the people needing care would receive it from the Church instead of the overbearing government. When people think of government aid, they think of the Welfare System. Welfare provides assistance to individuals and families through governmental programs. In the United States, the programs range from housing assistance, food stamps, healthcare, and unemployment compensation (Investopedia). These programs intend to protect the poverty stricken, less fortunate citizens from being taken advantage of, malnutrition, and a low standard of living.…

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