Free And Day Of Fear And Murder And Flight Essay

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free as in this night and day of fear and murder and flight” (Wright 30). Bigger’s story did not have a happy ending. His fate was similar to anyone tries to break society’s rules.
As discussed before, Bigger did not choose to have such a complex lifestyle. His fate was already decided the day he was born with black skin. Bigger had known all his life “that sooner or later something like this would come to him. He had always felt outside of this white world, and now it was true” (Wright 270). The characters in “The Bluest Eye” had a lifestyle similar to Biggers but not quite. They were familiar with the normalcy of poverty and what their boundaries were. The author writes, “Outdoors we knew was the terror of life. The threat of being outdoors surfaced frequently in those days. Every possibility of excess was curtailed with it” (Morrison 17). With this sort of lifestyle, it was common to hear of one ending up homeless. This was the reality of all the working class blacks in Lorain, Ohio, and it is still common today around the U.S. seeing as more than 45 million people live below the poverty line.
On the Titanic, the first class consisted of millionaires. Unlike some of the steerage passengers, they did not have to spend all they had on tickets. The article says, “There were 300 passengers in first class, 305 in second, and 800 in steerage” (Nash 57). Only a small percentage of people are born with riches. Poverty dominates the world and that must be why the upper classes…

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