Frederick West 's Behavior : Symptoms Of Antisocial Personality Disorder

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Frederick West’s behavior is clearly defined by the symptoms of Antisocial Personality Disorder paired with several types of sexual paraphilia’s. Fred West did not show any remorse for his victims, even when it came to his own children. He abducted young girls, rape and tortured them, then eventually killed them and dismembered their bodies. Fred West used his wife Rosemary to his advantage to make young girls more likely to get into his car during his abductions. Fred often switched jobs, this switch caused changes in his interests and tendencies. Fred’s job as an ice cream truck driver allowed for interaction with young females and his job in a slaughterhouse opened him up to gore and blood; which is when he began to dismember the bodies of his victims.
One of the biggest markers in Fred West’s crimes was his sadism. Fred always inflicted pain or suffering onto his victims and though it may not have always caused him distress he acted upon his urges several times with non-consenting persons. The paraphilia of sexual sadism is often paired with Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD). This is no different in the case of Frederick West. Fred showed an increasing need for arousal in his sadism, that even hired prostitutes to his home were not comfortable with.
The majority of Fred West’s victims were in the age range of 15-19 showing his preferred sexual group. Fred West shows the characteristics of the paraphilia hebephiliac. Fred was recurrently and intensively sexually…

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