Essay on Frederick Douglass 's Narrative Of His Experiences

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Frederick Douglass was a slave in Baltimore in the 1820s and 30s. He had numerous experiences living as a slave. Like most slaves, though, he was completely against slavery. Douglass writes a narrative of his experiences as a child till his current age. Frederick Douglass uses his narrative as a device against slavery by depicting the way slave children are treated, depicting the allowable amount of intellect the slaves can possess, and depicting the violence the slaves are treated with. Firstly, Douglass starts his narrative by depicting the way slave children are treated. He expresses the time when slaves are born, “they are separated from their mothers within the first year of their lives.” According to Douglass, the purpose of this is to "[hinder] the development of the child 's affection towards its mother, and blunting and destroying the natural affection of the mother for the child." Douglass 's mother died when he was only seven years old. He did not find out about his mother’s death until sometime afterward. When he learned of his mother’s death he had the same feelings he would have had over the death of a stranger. Douglass 's father on the other hand was a mystery to him. The rumor on the plantation was that his master was his father, but Douglass could never prove or disprove the information. The fact that he never even knew who his father was shows that slaves were treated badly from the time they were born. Secondly, Douglass mentions in his narrative is…

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