Frederick Douglass 's Life As A Slave Essay

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Frederick Douglass was an American slave born into slavery in Talbot County, Maryland. He as a results of being a slave, had lost the prevelidge of having access to his authentic birth records kept by his master. He was an abolitionist, an African-American social reformer, a writer and a statesman. He became involved in politics after he had escaped as a runaway fugitive slave. He engaged in publication of antislavery documents exposing his unfortunate life as a slave. An undervalued social class that gives a slave no rights to pursue individual freedom, liberty and the will of God expected in every living being on the planet. He mentioned on this narrative “what is really likes to be a slave”. Why a human being that claim commitments to God’s will and belief in the teaching of Christ could have the audacity to heartlessly and brutally treat his fellow human being in the name of religion and economy. He was disgusted, terrified, humiliated, lynched and whipped because he was considered nothing but a piece of property belonging to his fellow man that decides his fate in almost every single aspects of his livelihood. He was disgusted about the whole slavery thing. However, upon all these horrible experiences, was Douglas justified in anyway in condemning a system that was almost considered as the law of the land? Yes he was because the lack of liberty and freedom and racial subjugation and mistreatment inflicted upon the slaves is a clear manifestation that no human…

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