Essay on Frederick Douglass And The Abolition Movement

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America’s economic and social reliance on slavery dehumanized all enslaved blacks during their struggle for freedom. Immoral slave owners abused their slaves by forcing them to work tirelessly in dangerous conditions, and threatened abuse for even the most trivial offenses, all to ensure that they receive all economic benefit from the labor of their slaves. Despite such oppression, progressives in slavery, such as Frederick Douglass, overcame abuse and opposed enslavement in a struggle that tested all boundaries that defined slavery. Through his valiant efforts, Douglass paved a path for himself that not only affected his own freedom, but acted as a testament to the effectiveness of success only possible with struggle. Frederick Douglass acted as a pioneer in the Abolition movement in America through his overcoming of many obstacles in enslavement, and also in his struggle for acceptance as a freedman in a society struggling for racial equality, which testifies to the Southern reliance on slavery. Frederick Douglass’s resilience from oppression was evident through his ability to overcome obstacles in his life as a slave. Of his most noticeable accomplishments was Douglass’s literacy, an ability which essentially no slaves obtained. The ability to read and write was seen by many to equate to a means of escaping slavery, and by allowing him to see the true moral atrocity of slavery. It was very rare, and very dangerous, for a slave to be literate, as having such an ability…

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