Slavery Was A Time Of Rebellion

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A Time of Rebellion
The 1830’s through 1861 was a time of rebellion and progress. When Cyrus McCormick invented the mechanical mower it increased the efficiency of wheat farming. The Market Revolution brought railways, new farming systems and an increased need for labor. Wheat farming, cotton trading, and industrial factories were expanding. Slaves did more work than ever before and rights of people were ignored. African American were slaves for too long and were finally getting sick of working for no pay and no freedom. During the War of 1812 women got a taste of what it would be like to have equal or more rights to men. Workers who were white no longer felt like the work they were doing was earning the pay they were receiving. Revolution
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They yearned for the right to be paid equally to their amount of work. In the Ten-Hour curriculum & the authors of Mechanics wrote that they are tired of being looked down upon and feel as though they are devalued. The feeling that manual labor was being taken advantage of by society was a huge issue among the white workers of America. The workers were able to produce the quality clothes for all society but not get proper pay or spend time with their families. The republican value that there should be a good family like was being altered due to the worker inability to come home because of the long and strenuous hours at work. Work and money were overruling their lives and their humanity was being compromised. A revolution was needed because the moment the white working men, the African-American slaves and women bind together then there is bound to be a problem. In the Preamble of the Mechanics ' Union of Trade Associations, a main part of the document was a complaint to the higher ups because the wealthy had been taking the money produced from the hours spent creating clothes, but they were not paying the workers enough to buy their own families clothes. Once in history workers were the top. They were creating the new inventions and producing materials that everyone found to be useful. Now they had lost their respect. The new top was doctors, businessmen, and those whom could afford a strong education. The working class didn 't want to work and work with no subsidization. A fire had started underneath the workers because it was no longer just inequity to the slaves now the white men were feeling this

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