Frederick Douglass : A Freedom During A Time Of Unimaginable Change And Unknown Future

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Frederick Douglass: Inspiring a Freedom During a time of unimaginable change and unknown future about slavery, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass by Frederick was introduce to those who felt lost and unrepresented in the public discourse of slavery and their prospect as an American. This text was not simply a calling for freedom, but also as a response to those who did not believed or argued that a well-spoken man could never have been a slave, and those who thought he should share part of his story. The main significance of this narrative is to fight for the rights and freedoms of African Americans. While Douglass was using his words and writing skills, he advocated for equal rights, opportunities and the idea of American identity of Black people. Frederick Douglass was a slave owned by captain Aaron Anthony and he was only six years old when he started working at the plantation.1 The master 's wife starts teaching him how to read and write for short period of time. Even though his owner stopped him from learning, he continued to study on his own because he learned that the most important thing to end slavery is through education. Douglass find ways to educate himself, and he came to a conclusion that if only all the slaves can managed to educate themselves then, it would be impossible to keep them slave or to stop them from becoming free.2 He lookout for a several ways to escape to freedom and he eventually succeeded to win his freedom. At this point he…

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