Franz Ulrich 's Point Of View Essay

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Though time is a vital part of being able to truly see, it is useless if we aren’t also capable of keeping an open mind. For one to even have a change of heart in the first place, their thought’s must be open and accepting. From the get-go, Saki made it clear that Ulrich and Georg couldn’t have cared less for one another. They had nothing but pure and absolute hate for each other. It becomes evident that they never even hesitated to do anything other than think negatively about their counterpart when Georg says, “I never thought to have wanted to do other than hate you all my life...” (11). Yet, as they spend more time together, they closed perspectives are slowly forced open. Saki shows this change from Ulrich’s point of view. The reader can slowly see Ulrich’s minds and thoughts expanding when he looks across at Georg. Ulrich is unable to picture the man suffering in agony as some sort of vile person. He begins to sympathize and pity Georg and as he does this, he realizes that maybe he was wrong about Georg. He expresses this in his words: “I’ve changed my mind...Lying here tonight, thinking, I’ve come to think we’ve been rather fools” (10). The first line that Ulrich says to his neighbor that suggests he has had a changed of heart emphasizes the ‘think/mind’ idea three times. This accentuates the argument that an open mind is important in repairing what is broken. Georg replies to Ulrich’s offer of truce and friendship with “...I think I have changed my mind about things…

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