Franklin Roosevelt 's New Deal Essay

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Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal emerged amidst the greatest depression the country had ever seen. The president’s plan to provide relief, recovery, and reform seemed, at the time, the best option to end the period of economic downfall, and with the plan came a vast amount of change. However, despite the various programs that would alter America’s Laissez Faire government by supplying employment, establishing social security, and putting plans in place for further government intervention, Roosevelt’s administration continued to follow Laissez Faire policies in regards to addressing the needs of African Americans, putting a stop to labor unions, and providing assistance for women.

Following the stock market crash, the nation fell beneath the scale of negative economic activity and to a point of utter catastrophe. With unemployment reaching an all-time high of 25%, it was crucial that the government intervene to mend the restless nation. America’s Laissez Faire policies quickly transformed as the government became a protector of the public by setting out to reform American capitalism.

One of the most prominent pieces of the New Deal was an increase in government spending. The government began to pour money into programs and agencies that would, as a result, grant employment to the public. Public-works projects began popping up all over the nation, therefore allowing those suffering from unemployment to find a balance of economic stability. According to William Lloyd Garrison…

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