Franklin Roosevelt And The Great Depression Essay example

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Million s unemployed, millions starving, millions without homes. Can one man’s ideas bring it all to an end? Franklin Delano Roosevelt sure tried to. By deploying numerous programs to help counter different parts of the crisis, FDR slowly turned the country around. In a time of great need, FDR stepped up to the plate and through experimentation, brilliance, and strategy; he ultimately saved the United States of America by delaying the Great Depression and turning the tides.
In 1928, Herbert Hoover, a republican candidate, ran for president. Little did Herbert Hoover know, the country was about to fall into the worst economic depression the country had ever experienced. Herbert Hoover won by a record margin of 444-87 in the Electoral College with forty states supporting him. No other president up until that time had received that many Electoral College votes. Hoover’s office was going fairly well for the first seven months. Then on October 29th there was a significant stock drop as the stock market crashed. This would ultimately start the Great Depression which would take over a decade before the Federal government could restore prosperity to the nation.
During the beginning of the Great Depression, thirteen million people lost their jobs. Nation-wide unemployment rates increased drastically from three percent to twenty-three percent within the year. Sixty-two percent of these people were unemployed for long than a year and eleven percent were unemployed for longer than…

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