Essay about Franklin Roosevelt And The Great Depression

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Franklin Delanor Roosevelt and the Great Depression; John Fitzgerald Kennedy and the Cold War; George Walker Bush and the Middle Eastern powers. All of these leaders had optimistic and enthusiastic mindsets that helped pave the road to their successes. Optimism is a key factor in succeeding one 's goals. Throughout literature, history, and media, characters with good attitudes usually prevail in the end with their ordeals. Having an optimistic attitude in difficult times improves one’s personal success rates, induces enthusiasm, and ameliorates society’s overall attitude in eras of political unrest.

First of all, generally when one has a good attitude, their success rates increase. A study by the University of California concluded that people with uplifting attitudes are more satisfied with their jobs, projects, and are more flexible than their “unhappy” peers. The study found out that the people with a positive mindset would be less likely to be unemployed and are more productive than the average level. A psychologist said that when people are in the positive zone, they are more likely to take risks and participate in deeper discussions, increasing productivity in the workspace. Another notable example of successes relating to optimism is the renowned Italian movie Life is Beautiful. During the rise of the third reich, a jewish father and his son were sent to a concentration camp. In order to protect his son from harassment, assault, and loss of innocence, the father told…

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