Frankenstein Essay

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Year Nine English AEP

Frankenstein/Science Fiction Essay (Reading and Writing Task)

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is the Science Fiction text that allowed all other examples of the sub-genre to follow. Discuss this proposition with specific reference to the Drama Script and Film versions of the novel, along with any other relevant Science Fiction texts you have read or viewed.

* Your essay should especially consider Shelley’s context and that of other writers you refer to, as well as your own context as a reader. * You should make specific reference to the texts you are discussing via both direct (quotations) and indirect (explanations) evidence. * Be sure to plan your response so that each paragraph has its own
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800 – 1000 words

Due: 7th August Wk3 Friday

Frankenstein Essay

Many science-fiction texts are inspired or have originated from Mary Shelley’s book, ‘Frankenstein.’ This novel, movie and play revolves around the idea that science fiction is about exploring what it is to be human. Shelley was fascinated by the question ‘what is it that makes us human?’ Living in the Romantic Period influenced her to write a novel that included these ideas that question our society, the development of science, us as humans and the fact that just because we can doesn’t mean we should. Are we simply the sum of our physical body parts or does every human being possess a soul and carry a spark of life? “Do I even have a soul?’ – Frankenstein (quote from Frankenstein play). Mary Shelley’s, Frankenstein has definitely shaped the science fiction genre which many writers have followed even now.

As a genre, science fiction explores what we are capable of as humans. As the first of its genre, Frankenstein asks whether it is morally appropriate to create new human life simply because we can. The text serves as a morality tale because it suggests that humans lack the wisdom to ‘play god.’ To understand this, it is useful to familiarise ourselves with Shelley’s context. In the 19th century, Shelley and the Romantic poets were reacting against industrialisation, urbanisation

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