Essay Frankenstein Is A Representation Of Our Humanity

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"Why Frankenstein is a representation of our humanity, not just a character in a horror novel”

Every quality novel needs a good theme that portrays the author’s ideas and carries the reader throughout the book. In many popular series, such as Harry Potter, the leading theme is love, something that every living thing strives for. It is the most basic human necessity and something that we all desperately desire to obtain. Topics that are strongly relatable such as this one are the reason why we get so drawn into a book.

However, not all themes are as wildly enchanting. In the famous publication of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley the theme is rather dark, twisted, and not at all like Harry Potter’s theme of love. It’s theme of “monstrosity” is infused throughout the entire narrative. As the book goes on we also see motifs of dangerous knowledge and personal destruction in addition to rejection and death.
Frankenstein is the perfect example of high societal expectations and failure. His creation is the very heart of Mary Shelley’s famous work. The monster, huge and terribly unappealing, is a mix of body parts and experimental chemicals and therefore is rejected by mankind. This is a representation of how Victor Frankenstein, the creator himself, was rejected by his community.
This concept can be seen in a number of examples. In the beginning of the book we begin to get familiar with Victor’s obsession with metaphysics, natural philosophy, and other sciences. In the book there…

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