Franco 's Regime During World War II Essay

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The world saw the increase of more than a few totalitarian governments in Europe after the end of World War I. These included the fascist governments of Germany, Italy, Spain, and Japan, and Stalin 's rule in Russia. Franco 's fascist government in Spain was the only fascist government to stay in control after World War II. In 1936 the Spanish military revolted against the liberal government in response to left wing victory in the polls and execution of conservative leaders. Franco rose to his position of power from within the military, and remained the leader of the Spanish government until his death in 1975. The other military leaders were believed they were in need of Franco 's involvement because of his prestige and ability to command troops effectively. Additionally, Franco had no history of participating in religious politics. Although not a member of any particular party, Franco himself was politically affiliated with the military revolutionaries, hating The Popular Front, a collection of left-wing groups that had won the previous election and intended to introduce communistic policies. Franco relied a great deal on German and Italian care during the military 's three-year struggle for power. On April 1, 1939 Franco won an unqualified victory in the Spanish Civil War. Tens of thousands of execution were meted out by Nationalist forces during the war, and similar, politically motivated executions of Spanish citizens continued into the first year of Franco 's rule. By…

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