Framing, Branding and Public Image Essay

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Framing, Branding and Public Images This essay discusses the value of the concept of framing for international actors and public relation consultants. Why is it important to understand the construction of frames and images in the news discourse? To illustrate the linkage between images, framing and branding the definition of these fundamental terms is required. Based on their knowledge, beliefs and experiences individuals create images of their environment that influence their behavior.

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A major intention of public relation consultants is to provide communication strategies to clients that create a beneficial public image to support them in gaining their objectives. The concept of framing is a valuable tool to understand how public images are “framed” in the news discourse. It can be used to analyze how preferences of target groups are influenced by communication strategies of various actors. In this process the concept of framing can be applied to examine the communication policy of opponents in order to develop successful counter strategies.

Framing is both an opportunity and a threat. It is a complex and powerful tool that must be used on the basic of ethical principles. Framing has a wide range of application. It can be applied to enhance the common welfare but I can also be used for agitation to achieve political ends that do not comply with human rights. It is important to be aware of that.


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