Essay on Frame Of Reference : Lifestyle Performance Model

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Frame of reference: Lifestyle Performance Model
This FOR is applicable to this group intervention plan because identifying desired activities, skills, and strengths help to enhance a person’s drive to be active in a lifestyle that they can manage. This desire to be active is directly related to quality of life. This FOR posits that quality of life is the most important part of a well-balanced life.
Purpose: The purpose of the group session is to encourage senior adults to engage in actions that will promote gross motor movement, fine motor movement, and cognition, as well as encourage the development of endurance and activity tolerance. This activity involves active participation in two IADL categories: leisure and social participation. Senior adults will compete against one another in teams by playing a drawing game called Pictionary and a word guessing game called Charades that involves the acting out of words or phrases. This group session will promote independence with other ADLS and IADLS by improving many client factors and performance skills such as attention, memory, perception, motor planning and sequencing, visual functions, hearing, joint mobility and stability, muscle power and tone, voice and speech functions, balance, and coordination.
Group membership and size: Group members will be senior adults who attend activities at the Monroe Senior Center daily. Most participants are aged 62 years or older and are female. The group could be as large as 25 people who…

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