Fracking 's Environmental Impacts On Water Essay

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The website hosts an article titled Fracking’s Environmental Impacts: Water. The article discusses the many dangers hydraulic fracturing or fracking poses to water sources both above and below ground. The article also discusses the effects of poor regulation of hydraulic fracturing operations the fracking fluid that is used in the hydraulic fracturing process. does not waste any time letting the reader know how they feel about the practice of hydraulic fracturing. The very first line in the article is “The hydraulic fracturing process poses multiple threats to water supplies.”
The first paragraph of the article contains a blatant either-or argument “A significant portion of the frack fluid returns to the surface, where it can spill or be dumped into rivers and streams” (paragraph 1). This implies that there are only two different possible outcomes with the water after it has been used for the purpose of hydraulic fracturing. fails to entertain the idea that the fracking and mining companies would properly and safely dispose of the water in a responsible way.
“In Texas, which is suffering dangerous drought conditions, fracking continues even as water use by citizens is restricted, the landscape wilts and the animal life dies” (paragraph 3). The statement blames the drought and the land scape and animal death on hydraulic fracturing which is clearly not the case in this faulty causality fallacy. It may be unfair to the…

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