Fracking Or Hydraulic Fracking? Essay

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Fracking or Hydraulic fracking, is the process of injecting high pressure of water into the ground to destroy rocks known as shale rocks in order to get oil and natural gas. Fracking is a fairly simple process but has several steps involved. Before oil companies can start drilling into the ground they have to find these areas known as shale areas or tight rock formation. Once they find one of these areas, they start to drill into the ground for about a mile. After the drill has gone down for about a mile, it turns horizontally and continues to drill for several thousand feet. Once the drill is done it will go back and cased and cemented the well, so that it can make small areas in the horizontal section of the well. After all of this is done, high pressure of water will be pumped into the well in order to get create micro-fractures. In order to keep these micro-factures open, it is stuffed with small grains of sand. The water that is being used in fracking, is not any ordinary water. The water being used in fracking, is a water mixture that uses over 600 different kinds of chemicals inside it. Some of the chemicals inside the water mixture can include Lead, Uranium, Mercury, Ethylene Glycol, Radium, Methanol, Hydrochloric Acid, Formaldehyde and so forth. The idea of fracking isn’t something that has be invented in recent years but is something that be found all the way back during the civil war. The very idea of fracking was first thought of during the battle of…

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