Fracking And The Technologies Of Humility And Hubris Essay

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Fracking and The Technologies of Humility and Hubris
Over the past several years there has been an outcry from U.S. environmentalists regarding a process for extracting extremely large caches of oil and natural gas that, prior to this process, were unattainable. This process in called Hydraulic Fracturing, or Fracking for short and has strong support on both sides of the issue as to whether it is a safe practice or could cause irreversible damage to the environment.
It is the intention of this paper to provide a brief overview and differentiation between Jasanoff’s Technologies of Humility and Technologies of Hubris. Then, an examine of the issues involved with Fracking that will discuss whether the pros and cons have been framed properly, the various individuals and environments that are vulnerable to the technology, the distribution channels that have been used to spread understanding as to the effects (positive or negative) of the process, and finally what we as a society are learning about Fracking and how it can either benefit us in the long-run, or produce irreversible damage to the environment over time.
Technologies of Humility and Hubris
Technological advances are most often the innovations of highly confident individuals of exceptional education and intellect; therefore, it is easy to see how one could develop a strong sense of pride in a particular project that could, quite possibly, be the culmination of a lifetimes worth of research, experiment, and trial…

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