Fracking And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

1892 Words Apr 25th, 2016 null Page
Fracking is Slowly killing Our Planet and the Solution is Not Out of Reach
Sure, fracking can provide a quick and easy process of obtaining fuel, but it is also an quick and easy way of killing our environment. Fracking is a popular practice done around the world; if at high pressure, highly toxic chemicals mixed with water can extract gas from shale. This toxic mixture, at high pressure, is put into a pipe that extends far underground; gas pockets are released and then rise to the top of the well. Natural gas and crude oil are produced from Fracking. Many people like the idea of Fracking because it has lowered the price of gas and oil significantly. This process gives America some independence from foreign countries that produce oil and gas. However, the toxic mixtures used in fracking can leak into freshwater sources and potentially poison the environment. Sometimes the mixtures are used again instead of making new mixtures, so the mixture then becomes twice as toxic, which could result in even more damage if it leaked into a water source. Hydrogen powered cars do not rely on fossil fuels, so they can stop the pollution from traditional cars and start clean living. Electric cars are available today, but electric is usually generated by burning coal, so unless engineers come up with a another source of generating electricity, it would be trading one bad fuel source for another bad fuel source. However, hydrogen is the answer because it emits no pollution. Yes, billions of…

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