Fort Bliss Is A Military Base For The United States Army Essay examples

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Fort bliss is a military base for the united states army located in the sates of new mexico and texas but with its main location in el paso. The second largest military base which is getting just bigger and bigger in population aand in size. With an area of about 1,700 square feet as well as having the largest amry maneuver area, it has a population of 8,951 according to 2010 census making it the biggest installment of the army base accorsding to the handbook of texas online. Fort bliss is the home of the 1st armored division 32nd army air and missle defense command and air defense artiellery bridge the united states compelled to establish a military post on the rio grande by el paso del norte for the need to maintain regltions. (metz) Fort bliss being home to the 1st armored division that retrned to the us in 2011 after being in germsny for over 40 years. The headquarters for the el paso intelligence center is hosted at fort bliss it’s a designated military prohect platform. Its biggs army airfield which was started back in 1915 for the 82nd artillery the location is on fort bliss now. The firlsd was referred to as fort bliss avation field it was used to search air patrols of the us mexico border. In 1920 the camp opened of the current airbase as a air ship operations but nits son left Fort bliss national cemetery is aslo located on the post of fort bliss. Fort bliss contributed about 1.7 billion to the econmy of the central el paso making it a big imoact in to todays…

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