291st Engineer Battalion

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Of all the Engineer units in the United States Army during World War II there was one that stands out the most to historians and engineers alike. The 291st Engineer Combat Battalion was one of the most decorated engineer combat battalions of the United States Army during World War II. With notable success throughout the entirety of the war. However the most notable accomplishments of this unit connect it to two of the most critical battles of the war and has been said to contribute to the overall end and success of the war with those contributions during the Battle of the Bulge and the Battle of Remagen.

During World War II the United States Army had multiple branches and units that were critical to the success of the overall war. However no other branch of the Army could have been as successful if not for some type of support from an engineer unit or support. Engineers during World War II were responsible for building living areas, battle areas, emplacing
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The Battle of Remagen is said amongst many historians to be a top contributing factor to the overall end of the war. The key piece of infrastructure during the battle of Remagen was the Ludendorff Bridge. The Ludendorff Bridge was a main supply route rail bridge and access bridge connecting the town of Remagen to the village of Erpel. It was also one of the last two standing bridges crossing the Rhine River which was approximately 350 meters wide at this location. As it was known to be a vital piece of infrastructure to both forces, both forces took extreme measures to protect as well as destroy the bridge. German forces tried to destroy the bridge with prewired demolitions, but to their dismay only about half the charges detonated and only damaged the bridge. After the unsuccessful detonation the German forces used artillery, missiles and aircraft munitions to try and directly destroy the bridge

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