Forest Succession And Forest Control Essay

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In the western United States forest succession and the role of fire as a mechanism triggering forest community succession and the interaction of drought and forest fires are significant to the ecosystems and the living animals and plants affected by it. Forest succession is the replacement of new life in plant or animals in a forest. Fire is a mechanism triggering forest community succession because it is a disturbance to the community; it destroys all the trees and living organisms in that forest. The fire or any other disturbance causes forest succession because then new lives in plant or animals begin to grow again. Drought and forest fires are interacting because during a drought; a prolonged absence of rainfall, there’s an overabundance of dehydrated and moisture-less plants which causes fires. Both of these environmental occurrences affect nature and living things. A drought, which has dry conditions, causes a fire that in turn causes forest succession, by destroying the forest or ecosystem it occurs in and having new organisms and life develop from it.
Forest succession is the growth of new plants and life in an area that had a disturbance by fire, wind, flood, destructive pests or human intervention causing the loss of animal and plant life. The predictable rate of replacing one community by another is either primary succession or secondary succession. Primary succession is when after a disturbance from fire, flood, wind destructive pests or human…

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