Forensic Psychology : Information Recall Essay

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Case Study #3, Forensic Psychology: Information Recall / Eyewitness Testimony is my chosen topic for this assignment. This topic is interesting to me since I have personally been a witness for a criminal case where the other eyewitness’s perception and account of the event totally contradicted my recall and version of the event Eyewitness testimony is influential throughout the entire judicial process starting with the investigation stage while narrowing down suspects and gathering evidence. Also, during the trial process Judges and jurors rely on eyewitness testimony to assist in making sense of the whole thing. However, how reliable is eyewitness testimony? Many psychological factors influence the reliability of eyewitness testimony. “When memory serves as evidence, as it does in many civil and criminal legal proceedings, there are a number of important limitations to the veracity of that evidence” (Howe, 2015). For example, the experiences of an eyewitness between the actual event and the eyewitness 's account of the event can pollute the witness’s remembrance and cause false memories. In addition, the level of anxiety or stress of the witness can affect memory function and personal beliefs can cause memory biases. Furthermore, memory distortion can be brought on by misinformation and misleading questions. Although eyewitness testimony is convincing support, it is only as dependable as the eyewitness’s cognitive state and the human reconstructive memory process.…

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