Forensic Psychology : Forensic Psychologist Essay

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Forensic Psychology
Have you ever wondered what causes a criminal to do the horrific things they do? Forensic psychology is a career for those interested in criminals and the way their brains work. Whether working at the scene of a crime with police or in a courthouse, forensic psychologists are always on the go reading criminals like a book. Forensic Psychologists not only target the problem in criminals but also the solution for crime. Although being a Forensic Psychologist is an exciting career it takes many years of learning, experience, and licensing all which factor into a wide variety of different work atmospheres. Being a forensic psychologist gives the opportunity to do good for the community.
They are able to help narrow down suspects, find the motives behind criminals, and stop criminals before they act. With a median salary of $59, 440 according to “Forensic Psychologist Salary, Earnings and Wage Information,” forensic psychologists do more than what goes noticed. A lot of the times, forensic psychologists do a handful of work off the clock such as researching and analysing criminals and the crimes they’ve committed and relating them to other criminals with similar traits. By doing research like this, forensic psychologists find connections between criminals and can indicate the source and reasoning behind specific crimes which leads to stopping crimes before they happen. According to “Becoming a Student,” “in the criminal court system, they are tasked with…

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