Forensic Psychology And Mental Health Essay

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Forensic psychiatry is the study of medicine that focuses on the interface of law and mental health. The public sees actors on TV playing roles of psychiatrist at police departments like Dr. Huang on Law and Order SVU. While Huang might be a fictional character, the psychiatry positions he plays out are real. From expert testimony, to clinical work with the perpetrators and victims, the forensic psychiatrist works with everyone from the attorneys, courts, and even parties involved in a civil matter. Forensic psychiatry sounds like the perfect job where you get to work with criminals, testify in court cases, and help victims, however, the amount of schooling, the financial burdens, the paper work, makes becoming a Forensic psychiatry stressful and exciting.
A forensic psychiatrist is a medical doctor who continues their training in understanding, diagnosis, and treatment of mental disorders. A Forensic psychiatrist is a psychiatrist who has additional training and experiences related to the numerous interfaces of mental health with the law. The legal system uses forensic psychiatrist in many ways, but in the legal system they are mostly used as expert witnesses. Since the general public cannot solve many legal matters, the courts turned to experts in many cases to get a professional opinion. Sometimes the expertise is sought in an effort to provide the best possible information to judges or juries. The key for forensic psychiatrists is to not be bias. They need to focus on…

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