Forensic Psychology And Behavioral Science Essay

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Forensic Psychiatry and Behavioral Science is a subset of psychiatry where there is an interaction between the two sciences and the law, though this is a somewhat restriction definition. Forensic psychiatrists also work to aid the mentally ill in navigating three major institutions: mental health, justice, and correctional. This subfield focuses on objective psychological evaluations, where adolescents, adults, and the elderly may be referred to determine any psychiatric, neurologic, and developmental disorders that could potentially conflict these individuals. These evaluations also determine the type and severity of any present disorders. Forensic psychiatrists are able to provide various types of evaluations for legal purposes, such as identify whether an individual is competent to stand trial or the mental state of a potential perpetrator. Such evaluations can provide individuals with necessary information regarding disability, competence and guardianship, and punishments in criminal cases that involve fitness, sanity, and mitigation. Forensic psychiatric evaluations thoroughly assess the medical, psychiatric, academic, and occupational records of the individual in question and often include interviews with relevant contacts to fully gain an understand of the mental health of said individual. The areas of specialization for psychiatric disorders range from mood swings and chronic pain to dementia and sexual harassment, covering a wide variety of possible conditions for a…

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