Foreign Relations Between China And China Essay

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Foreign relations throughout much of China’s history have been dominated by the idea among many Chinese intellectuals and government officials that China was culturally superior to other nations and that China was a self- sufficient state with no need to trade for resources. This attitude led rise to the tributary system when dealing with foreign nations that put China as the superior and the foreign states that it interacted with as the inferior. This system had dictated China’s foreign relations for decades and led to China acquiring tributary states such as Korea and Vietnam, who would send tribute missions with gifts every few years to China, where they would be toured around the country and after observing various rituals representing their subservience, were allowed to trade within China for a short time. When the Manchus took control of China in the late 17th century they would continue to use this system for foreign relations up until the first Opium War; after which the British forced them to sign a series of unequal treaties that would dramatically change their relationship with foreign powers. This marked the beginning of the treaty system, which based on the Western model, in theory, put the two sovereign nations as equals that each had the same rights and used treaties agreed upon by both parties to govern foreign relations. In practice these treaties were almost entirely one-sided against the Chinese, forcing them to make huge concessions to the Western powers…

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